A low pressure has formed in Bay of Bengal,turned into Cyclone by 9th

Bhubaneswar 6.5: A low pressure area has formed in Southeast Bay of Bengal. Information has been received from the Regional Meteorological Department about the formation of low pressure area. It will gradually condense and develop into precipitation by the 9th and will remain over the southeast Bay of Bengal and adjoining South Andaman Sea. Later, it will further condense and develop into a cyclone and move northwards over the central Bay of Bengal and adjacent North Andaman Sea. The Indian Meteorological Department said that the direction and intensity of the storm can be clearly said after the formation of low pressure.

Meanwhile, various international weather models have also estimated the path of the storm. However, the direction of the storm has changed in less than two days. Differences are seen between different weather models. It is seen that it is not so easy to predict the course of a solar storm or a summer cyclone. That is why the Indian Meteorological Department is keeping an eye on the possible path and intensity of the storm.

According to the windy forecast of the weather agency, this possible storm may pass over Andhra, Odisha and West Bengal coast between 13th and 15th. Windy estimates that it may make landfall on the coast of Bangladesh by the morning of the 15th. On the other hand, severe drought continues in the state as the seasonal influence subsides. The temperature of the state will increase by 2 to 4 degrees in the next 3 days. In the second week of May, it has been reported that heavy rain will haunt the people of the state.

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