A Terrible form of hunger,Sukinda , Odisha

In Sukinda, Jajpur district, a scene of starvation has been seen. Children are eating rice with salt. Garlic coulis is best served with rice. Children’s lives are spent under the dust. The necessary tools for reading the text are seven dreams for them. Some days he gets food half full and some days he falls asleep after drinking water. Sleepless at night. Because when it rains, they have no other option to cover their heads. If the storm continues, their condition becomes miserable. At night, they have to fight with poisonous snakes, tigers, bears, elephants. Anyone who sees the suffering and misery of these tribal children living in the area of ​​Kangas Panchayat Malla in Jajpur Sukinda Block will be teary-eyed.

Why empty children, the elderly, women and men living here are the same. A portrait of how the government, which has been playing the development dynamism, has failed to reach out to the people.

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