Another Bouncer Gang Caught by Police

Bait Girija Shankar Chakraborty, ACP, Zone 2

Airport Thana Kansari Yashar Sahire Gunda Raj. The first wife gave betel nut to keep the house empty and the property occupied. Taking betel nut, more than 40 bamboos barged into Phillip Mohapatra’s house and attacked him at gunpoint. Rashmirekha Mohapatra, Phillip’s second wife, has complained. Yesterday at 7:30 pm, Phillip’s first wife, daughter and son-in-law came with 40 bamboos. The family got scared and went inside the house and broke the door. Phillip put a gun to his head, showed off his gun, swung his sword and played terror. In addition to breaking into the house, the CCTV camera was broken. Lakhs of rupees and gold jewellery, bond papers and papers of the house were also looted and the hard disk of the house was broken. Banosar’s terror was seen from the CCTV attached to the colony. After Dileep’s second wife lodged a complaint at the airport police station, the police reached the spot. In this case, the police arrested 4 people and prosecuted them. The 4 people include Phillip’s first wife, daughter, son-in-law and another young man. There are still many bamboo shoots.

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