Another success of set designer Sylvia Mohapatra, Guardians of the Galaxy Part 3 hits the big screen

Crocodile, 10/05; Khallikot girl Sylvia Mahapatra is another success as a set designer in Hollywood. The new movie Guardians of the Galaxy Part-3 of Marble series came to the big screen. Sylvia Mohapatra, the only Indian among 16 set designers and an Orthodox girl born in Khallikot, has a major role in this movie.

Sylvia is the daughter of Professor Ajit Mohapatra and Nalini Patnaik. He completed his studies in Africa and the United States. He worked as a set designer for the Marble series Guardians of the Galaxy Part-1 and Part-2. Sylvia Mohapatra said that she is very happy and proud to work on Part-3.

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