Revolution Odisha

iPhone plant to be built in Bengaluru, Foxconn Group bought land for 303 crore rupees

New Delhi 11/5: Apple Inc’s partner Foxconn Technology Group on Monday bought 13 million square feet of land in Devanhalli area near Bengaluru Airport. According to information, Foxconn’s subsidiary Hone High Technology India Mega Development Private Limited has informed the London Stock Exchange. The company bought the land for 303 crore rupees The company bought…

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One dead,20 injured in bee attack

Rayagada/Balasore: One dead and more than 20 injured in bee attack. This incident happened in Balasore and Rayagada districts.This morning, a person of Bankisahi village of Berhampur thana gardi panchayat of Balasore district set fire to a garbage dump. The smoke from the fire rattled the beehives nearby, causing the bees to leave the hive…

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Another success of set designer Sylvia Mohapatra, Guardians of the Galaxy Part 3 hits the big screen

Crocodile, 10/05; Khallikot girl Sylvia Mahapatra is another success as a set designer in Hollywood. The new movie Guardians of the Galaxy Part-3 of Marble series came to the big screen. Sylvia Mohapatra, the only Indian among 16 set designers and an Orthodox girl born in Khallikot, has a major role in this movie. Sylvia…

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