Big Disclosure by Indian Army, Terrorists are linked with Pakistan

Srinagar : Two terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir shook the entire country. Now there has been a big disclosure about this terrorist attack. Both the terrorist attacks are linked to Pakistan.
Important evidence has been seized by the investigating agencies regarding the attacks. It is reported that in both the terrorist attacks in Jammu, the terrorists were using encrypted web-based instant messengers for mutual communication.

According to the information received, this encrypted web-based instant messenger is linked to Chinese technology and messages are continuously sent to terrorists through Pakistan. Intelligence agencies are also apprehensive that a large number of Pakistan has made it for dialogue.

According to intelligence agency sources, a dozen such web-based instant messengers are active which have been used by terrorists in the last 1 year. Along with infiltrating India, communication is done through them to carry out terrorist incidents. Apart from this, terrorists also communicate with each other in code word through VoIP fake app. Intelligence agencies have also received information that terrorists take instructions from across the border through web-based instant messengers.

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