BJD’s Press Conference

For the last few years, BJP has been doing violence in the elections..this is not Odisha’s character..the violent crocodile is crying..Tankadhar Tripathi, the candidate of BJP, has 12 cases in his name..There is also a case of attempted murder.. Pradeep Purohit has 13 cases in his name.. Youth BJP president Erashir Acharya has 14 cases in his name and opposition leader Jai Narayan Mishra, who leads them, has 16 cases in his name. BJP is trying to defame.. People will teach BJP in the by-elections.. BJP is scared of losing.. Byatika took Kusum Tete and asked BJJ workers to campaign for him.. They disobeyed and attacked…

The BJP team is coming to the states like Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh where riots are the most.

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