Dark storm on 10th may , will face in this direction!

Bhubaneswar: Cyclone forming in South East Bay of Bengal and nearby Andaman Sea will turn into low pressure and turn into rainfall tomorrow. On 10th it may take the form of storm. The cyclone will head towards Myanmar and Bangladesh. It is predicted that this storm may take a very severe form. The Indian Meteorological Department has predicted that it will also recurve after reaching the Bay of Bengal and head towards Bangladesh. As of now, no such warning has been issued for the eastern coastal states of India.

Cyclone ‘Mocha’: Storm Forming Over Bay Of Bengal, Andaman & Kolkata To Be Impacted
Dark storm. Depression was created. Severe storms may form. There is a good chance of heading towards Bangladesh. So there is no threat to Odisha. This is known from the preliminary track issued by the Indian Meteorological Department, Director General of the Indian Meteorological Center, Mutunjay Mohapatra said. The cyclone formed in South East Bay of Bengal and South Andaman Sea has turned into low pressure this morning. It will further condense and take the form of precipitation tomorrow only in the South Andaman Sea region. Then, by May 10, it will take the form of a marine storm in the Southeast Bay of Bengal region. This marine storm will first move in the north-northwest direction and will become more concentrated in the east-central Bay of Bengal by 11th. Next, on the 12th, the sea storm will recurve and move in a north-northeast direction and will face the Bangladesh-Myanmar coast.

While the Indian Meteorological Department is monitoring the potential storm’s path and intensity, various international weather models have also indicated that the storm will move towards Bangladesh. Similarly, according to the information of CEC director Dr. Sharat Chandra Sahu, it may make landfall on the coast of Myanmar in the form of a severe storm on the night of the 13th or the morning of the 14th. At this time, the wind speed can be up to 150 km and even up to 200 km.

The impact of the storm will not hit coastal Odisha but if it moves 200 km away from the coast, the possibility of impact in some parts of north coastal Odisha can be avoided.

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