Elephant destroy the village,two rangers detained

Mayurbhanj : While there is no sign of stopping elephant oppression in the Morada block area of Mayurbhanj district, people were overwhelmed by the elephant oppression and damage, and finally, today, two range officers, including the forest department staff, were detained for more than 8 hours.

According to reports, in the Morada block area under the two ranges of Betanti and Rasgobindpur, Jharkhandi and Shimilipal elephants continue to harass and cause extensive damage and loss of life and property to the people. It is said that the villagers detained two rangers, including two ranger forest officers, for about eight long hours at Anuam of Gholmuham panchayat under the block.

According to the information, last Monday night, this block attacked the house of Baidyanath Mahanth of Anuam village and completely destroyed Hatipal. For more than 1 hour, they completely destroyed the house and stick of Baidyanath. His family is gone. However, the villagers first reported the elephants coming to Anuam village and destroying people’s houses to the pay range officer and then to the Rasgobindpur range officer, but the villagers were upset as the forest department officials or staff did not reach the spot on time.

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