Gold chain and cash stolen from woman, 2 robbers arrested

Anandpur 8/5: Ghasipura police arrested two persons in the case of gold chain and cash robbery from a woman. Last year, on May 23, Ghashipura Police Station, Narangpur-Baripal Road, Ghasipura Police Station, Narangpur-Baripal road, a woman riding a scooty was robbed by two miscreants on a bike, along with cash and gold jewellery.

Ghashipura police investigating the incident arrested 2 people and prosecuted them. One of the two accused is Kahanu Charan Jena of Kantipur village in Jajpur district while the other is Deepak Jena of Kolipal village in Keonjhar district. The Ghasipura police have started further investigation regarding the other criminal cases against them.

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