Harrasing School Girl,Video Goes Viral,Police Man Suspended

The policeman was harassing the school students on the road. While the student was riding a bicycle, the policeman was following him on a baby scooter. He did not know that all this was being captured on camera. And after being caught, he became agitated and said, “The student is my daughter’s friend.” The video of which is going viral on social media. Such an incident has come to light in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

A passer-by saw the policeman chasing the student and captured the scene on camera. When the police officer asked Babu why he was chasing the student, he said, ‘The student is my daughter’s friend.’ After the video went viral, the concerned student’s parents immediately complained to the police. After investigating the incident, the concerned police officer Babu Shahdat Ali was arrested and suspended from his job.

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