Lootera Gang caught by commissionorate Police ,25 mobiles, 5 watches, 9 chargers seized.

Bhubaneswar, 09/05: Chandrashekharpur police station arrested a notorious thief, Bhadura alias Satyajit Mallik (21) of Bhadrak Vidypur, who robbed a mobile shop with asbestos. A total of 20 expensive mobiles, 5 expensive watches, 9 mobile chargers and ear buds were seized from them.

According to the police information, on the night of April 13th, a miscreant stole 25 expensive mobiles, 5 watches, mobile chargers, ear buds and other items from the Sai Cell Point mobile shop on Damna Street. The cost of which will be 5.5 lakh rupees. The next morning, shop owner Hemant Kumar Sahu lodged a complaint with Chandrashekharpur police station regarding the theft. The police conducted an investigation and arrested the duck and seized the stolen goods. In the name of Bathua, there are already 2 cases in Chandrashekharpur police station, 3 in Basudebpur police station, 2 in Simulava police station, one in Bhadrak town police station, one in Bashanda police station, one in Naikanidihi police station and one in Tire police station. Bathua was arrested by Tire police and jailed. However, he cleverly escaped from the tire prison. Therefore, the police said that he is wanted by the Tire police.

Caught on the basis of CCTV footage
After the theft from Hemant’s shop, the police checked the CCTV footage attached to his shop. One of them came and stole it. The thief was related to a thief who had earlier stolen from a mobile shop in Chandrashekharpur area. So it was confirmed that the police had stolen the duck. When Batua came to Chandrashekharpur area again yesterday, the police was on the lookout for him. During interrogation, after stealing, he fled to his maternal uncle’s house in Maitapur, Budgaham. He took 11 mobile phones and 4 smart watches from his mother for sale and took advance money from her. Then he said that he hid 9 mobile phones, 9 chargers and a smart watch in his house.

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