Luck for 2024: Many candidates hope for ticket

Many candidates from different parties have raised their heads in Bari assembly constituency. In this constituency, more hopefuls are circling to become candidates from BJP. BJD leader Sunanda Das, who participated in the 2019 assembly elections, is expected to be a candidate once again. Meanwhile, BJP and Congress candidates of 2019 have left the party. 2019 BJP candidate Vishwa Mallik has joined BJD while Congress candidate of 2019 Umesh Jena has joined BJP. While the 2019 candidates are sure to contest the elections in 2024, it is uncertain from which party they will contest.

In 2019, BJD won in Bari by a margin of only 4 thousand votes. In order to strengthen the foundation of BJD, BJD acquired Bishwa Mallik, the then BJP leader of Bari. While pulling away from BJP and bringing BJD to the world, there is a discussion in the political circles that he has shown hope of running as a candidate in 2024. So there is a good chance of BJD candidates in the world. Even though the number has increased in Bari, the gap has also increased in proportion. BJD president Sunanda Das and state BJD editor Vishwa Mallik are holding two parallel organizations. In BJD 2024, the situation of BJD in Bari is likely to worsen if the disappointed aspirants are not properly accommodated. Even the disappointed aspirant from BJD is creating a possibility of being a candidate from a different party at the last minute.

Sunanda Das left the BJP in 2019 and became a candidate from the BJD. While Sunanda’s public relations campaign has strengthened, it is widely discussed that Bari’s development has not been seen by the eyes. It is alleged that former MLA Dekshish Nayak could not see the development of Bari in his harvest, The people of Bari, who are hungry for development, often question the performance of the legislature.

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