Many injured in Monkey attack,Odisha

Bhadrak 07.05: Many injured in monkey bite. While going out of the house, the monkey is chasing and biting. In Bhadrak district Charampa Baralopokhari area, a monkey is doing such a nuisance. More than 12 people were injured.

When they see the monkey, people feel panic. In every house, one person is left with two pieces of food. The monkey has bitten someone’s hand, leg, back and thigh. The monkey is chasing and biting, many have been injured. Now there is fear in this region. People have been overwhelmed by the monkey terror for 6 long days. For two days, the staff of the forest department has been catching monkeys in the village.

Forest department officials have been trying to capture the monkey since Saturday evening. Then the monkey emerged after evening. The forest department is trying to capture the monkey. The village people are now under the care of the forest department staff while the forest department staff are running behind these monkeys. Omani monkeys are also frolicking without being caught.

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