Police arrested 3 accused in fraud activity

Cuttack, 10/05: Massive fraud in EMI supply of home appliances. The mastermind who cheated people by asking them to get loans for household appliances from reputed finance companies. Such incidents have been seen in the city of Cuttack. The loan has been taken from Bajaj Finance. If people do not reach the device for which they have loaned. After 56 victims of such fraud filed a complaint at the Madhupatna police station, the police arrested 3 people. Among the arrested accused is an employee of Bajaj Finance Company. However, the mastermind of the fraud, Rashmiranchan Chowdhury, has returned.

According to information, 4 professional fraudsters have defrauded some people in the area under Madhupatna police station, Cuttack. Asking them to provide household appliances in installments, he collected necessary papers from all. Later, the loan from Bajaj Finance Company was also sanctioned. But all the household appliances for which the loan was obtained did not reach the customers. On the other hand, the finance company forced to pay the money. Then the truth came out.

However, the mastermind of the scam, Rashmiran Choudhury, was plotting this. Rashmiranjan first got involved in the fraud syndicate by colluding with 2 home appliance shops on Hanuman Street and Link Road in Cuttack. An employee of Bajaj Finance named Vinod was also involved in this fraud. Vinod went home and got the loan easily, but the home appliance dealer was giving false bills to the company. Meanwhile, customers were not getting their equipment.

Police have found out from the preliminary investigation that 12 lakhs of fraud has been committed so far. The accused have been brought into remand and are being interrogated. Two years later, some self-help groups fell prey to this kind of fraud and were brought to Madhupatna police station. The question has been raised in the police system.

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