Powar Announced to withdraw his Resignation

Mumbai: Sharad Pawar announced to withdraw his resignation today. He said in his press conference. That I had announced my resignation from the post of NCP President on May 2.

Numerous workers and office bearers of the Nationalist Congress Party expressed their strong feelings. My well wishers appealed to me to reconsider my decision. People from all over the country were appealing to me to withdraw my resignation. Those feelings cannot be disrespected from my side. I am overwhelmed by your love and trust.

Sharad Pawar started the press conference today (May 5, Friday) at 5.40 pm at Yashwant Rao Chavan Center in Mumbai and announced his full and final decision.

Even when Sharad Pawar had announced to quit the post of NCP president, his wife Pratibhatai Pawar was with him. Today, when Sharad Pawar was giving his final verdict, even then Pratibhatai Y.B. Chavan was frozen in the center. His support and consent is visible at every step of Sharad Pawar. However, he did not give any statement in the media regarding this decision of Sharad Pawar. Even MP Supriya Sule has refrained from saying anything till now.

When Sharad Pawar was announcing to quit and all the leaders were expressing their feelings one by one, Ajit Pawar stopped him from saying anything. He had said that in the capacity of elder brother, I am asking you not to say anything. After this Supriya Sule became silent. While announcing his resignation, Sharad Pawar had given his age as the reason for this. Sharad Pawar’s age is 83 years at present.

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