Ratha khala update,Puri

Puri 08/05: Chak Akh Dera will be in Bhonori Yatra. In chariot racing, the emphasis is on wheel preparation. Sunday Rath Nahaka wheel construction is completed. The axle will be connected to the 2 axles in Bhonori. On the other hand, the servants have thrown wood at the appropriate place to build the shaft. On Monday, the Biswarkamas are gearing up to suit the axis work.

On Monday, two of the three trains completed the construction of Nahaka wheels. The two wheels of the Taldhwaj chariot have been constructed. Construction of two wheels out of 4 wheels of Devpedan chariot has been completed. The other two Nahaka wheels are in the final stages of construction. 4 pieces of the Devpedan chariot have fallen and one of them has fallen from the wheel. Out of the total 4 wheels of the Nandighosh chariot, 2 wheels have been completed and the work of two wheels has reached the final stage. Other than that, the wheel wear is in the final stage. Akh Bindha Khola Thek Tulaya work is going on in Tumba. Puncture is going on for the other wheel. The wheel is being prepared in the cat-bat method.

In addition, voisewak is preparing singada (tumbare or connexion) lying in the vehicle. Ojha servants of three chariots are making pandari and bangles required for three chariots in the temporary kamar shal at Dobedi. Necessary pandari rings for the wheels and carriages are being supplied. He continues to make the Pandari and Rila to attach the wheel of the three chariots. The idolaters are making idols of lions and cats in Guj. 184 builders are engaged in chariot making today.

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