Road Romeo’s Rubab in Bhubaneswar : How Safe Are Hostel Students?

Road Romeo’s fierce appearance was seen in front of Ugratara Hostel. The sight of him terrorizing in the dark night with a knife in his hand, would shake the chest of a common man. who did not feel well, took out a young woman living in the hostel and beat her with a knife. Sometimes they threw stones and broke the windows and sometimes they wanted to break the wall and enter the hostel. The concerned young woman struggled for about 45 minutes to save her life. And after closing the gate of the hostel, the miscreant tried to break into the hostel bedroom by pelting stones into the bedroom.

Road Romeos attacked not only this one young woman in Godsahi, but the young woman who came to her rescue. He also vandalized the youth’s vehicle and terrorized him for a long time. Even though so many incidents were happening in the colony, the neighbors were on the lookout.

During the investigation, the police found out that the accused who caused the incident are youths from Nayapalli Bhoisahi. The accused have returned after the incident.

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