Ropeway facility for Odisha Nandankanan soon

Bhubaneswar : A great news for all the tourists of the state. Tourists will soon be able to enjoy the ropeway at Nandankanan, a barangay in the capital, Bhubaneswar. During this time, tourists can sit on the ropeway and enjoy boating in the waters of Kanjia Lake. Tourists can enjoy the ropeway at Nandankan on this occasion when Raj starts from 14th of June.

It is worth noting that earlier there was a ropeway system in Nandankanan, although it was closed for 12 years. Now once again, the Nandankanan authorities said last March about the running of the ropeway in Nandankanan. This ropeway has been arranged at a cost of 13 crore rupees for the entertainment of tourists. 500 tourists can have fun every hour while 72 people can sit in it.

When the ropeway was started in Nandankan in 1994, it faced various accidents due to mechanical faults. Later it was closed. Recently, a mock drill was conducted to avoid accidents with the safety of tourists in mind. The staff of Nandankanan has been imparted knowledge on how to escape from the tourists traveling on the ropeway in case of any accident. If the ropeway suddenly stops midway, then the passengers will be rescued by boat through Kanjia Lake. In this regard, a program was held recently and the employees were trained.

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