Selfie with the President’s helicopter , Pharmacist suspended

Baripada: Taking a selfie with the President’s helicopter is expensive, the pharmacist is suspended.
During the President’s visit, the pharmacist took a photo while sitting in His Majesty’s helicopter. Posted the photo on his social media account. Now it has cost him dearly. Mayurbhanj Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO) took action and suspended the said pharmacist. The pharmacist is Yashwant Behera. He was working in Jamukeshwar Hospital.
During his visit to Mayurbhanj district, 400 senior officers and 40 platoon police forces were deployed for the protection of the President. On the 5th, the President arrived at the temporary helipad at Shimilipal foothills in a special helicopter of the Air Force. From there directly entered Shimilipal sanctuary by road. A pharmacist on helipad duty took a selfie with one of the three helicopters that the President had arrived. He also posted it on his Facebook account. However, the question arose about how the security forces took pictures with the pharmacist helicopter. After the dispute escalated, the CDMO of Mayurbhanj has taken the above action. Reacting to this incident, pharmacist Yashwant Behera said, “I asked the Javanese who are in charge of security to take a picture to keep as a memory.”

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