South Actress Divorce Photo Shoot, Behind the Issue

A South Indian actress Shalini’s divorce photo shoot went viral just a few days ago. At first it was a little shocking and funny because we still consider diverses extremely bad.

Understood in one or two days, Shalini was married to Riyaz. Shalini had complained about physical and mental pain against her husband in the past too. Didn’t agree, divorced. Any such bondage can get rid of, must be glad. And life is too big, it is wise to forget such bitter memories and move forward – for both.

How many girls I know are in abusive marriage. Husband beats and abuses everyone, there are affairs outside. Wife’s work is home cooking and raising children. Since she is not financially capable, she is suffering. If he is also financially capable then no human will happily live animal life. It is different that we get used to time and then it is compared that the husbands have changed now, first they used to beat everyday, now they kill on the third day.

As women become financially capable, divorce cases will rise. Divorce is now almost as common in the higher income category as it is in Western countries. Yes divorce hasn’t knocked yet in cases where women in the middle class are completely dependent on husbands, but it’s just the last generation. The new generation is studying in those houses, girls are now coming out to be educated economically strong there too.

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