The British court sentenced three Indians to 15 years in prison in the case of drug smuggling

New Delhi: A British court sentenced three Indian citizens to 15 years in the case of drug smuggling. The three were accused of smuggling drugs from the UK to Canada. All of them were members of an organized crime syndicate.

The three Indian members are 32-year-old Karan Gill, Jug Singh and 30-year-old Gobind Uinya. The three were arrested along with their 32-year-old accomplice, Gregory Blacklark. In February, he was apprehended by UK Border Force officers at Heathrow Airport. However, at this time they had drugs in a big box.

The four appeared at Bullabeach Crown Court in south London last month, according to Kent Police. Investigating officer Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate Detective Constable Steve Brown said, “A number of such criminals have been caught and brought to court using the Encro Chat mobile phone platform.

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