The elder sister struggled for 20 hours to get the body of her younger sister

Anandupar: The body was found by the family about 20 hours after the student died of TB. This happened due to the wrong decision of the school authorities.

According to the information received, Saraswati Munda, a student studying in 8th standard in Sevashram, Ghasipura Block, Anandpur Sub-Khand, was suffering from TB and was seriously ill. Later, a female staff member of the school and with the help of Saraswati’s elder sister, who was studying there, brought her to Anandpur hospital in a vehicle.

After checking for some time, the doctor declared Saraswati dead. Later that night, the school authorities took the body and fled to the school. The police were informed after the family arrived this afternoon

Saraswati’s body was again brought to the hospital after the police came. After completing all formalities, the body was dismembered and handed over to the family members.

Meanwhile, for 20 hours, elder sister Rainya and family members were walking around with the body of the younger sister. So why the school authorities did not inform the police about the student’s death is a big question. Even after contacting the school authorities in this regard, communication was not possible.

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