The inhuman husband killed the woman and stuffed her in a sack

Basta, Baleshwar: After killing the wife, the cruel husband stuffed her in a sack. Such a rare incident has happened from the village of Basta Thana Haldipada Panchayat Palasia in Balasore district. The dead woman was Mama Das, wife of Pradeep Das. But when the people of Mama’s house got the news about this, the accused wife had already been killed and put in a bag. The family members of the deceased woman have alleged that the son-in-law, father-in-law and father-in-law returned from the scene after seeing the dead people. Basta police has seized the body and started investigation after the complaint in Basta police station. However, after such a heinous murder, the people of the entire region are stunned.

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