The most expensive mangoes in the world is 19,000 rs

New Delhi: Now the mango season is going on. Different types of mangoes are sold in supermarkets. Some mangoes are cheap while others are expensive. The world’s most expensive mangoes are grown in Japan. The price of one amber is as expensive as 19 thousand rupees. It is considered as the most expensive mango in the world. Hiroyuki Nakagawa grows those mangoes in his greenhouse in the Tokachi region of Japan. He has been selling these mangoes since 2011.

Formerly involved in the oil business, Nakagawa grows mangoes using natural methods. At first no one paid much attention to him. He stores the ice in the winter and uses it in the sun to keep his greenhouse moist. He keeps the greenhouse warm during the winter using natural heat generation. He produces around 5000 mangoes in a season. He named Amber ‘Sun in the Snow’.

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