They are becoming Hanuman devotees during elections: Nirmala Sitaraman criticised the Congress

They are becoming Hanuman devotees during elections: Nirmala Sitharaman criticized the Congress

Bengaluru: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said her party always prays to ‘Bajrangbali’ and recites ‘Hanuman Parantisha’ but Congress people are becoming election devotees of Lord Hanuman, voting in the Karnataka assembly elections today.

He said, Karnataka is the land of Hanus. This is his birthplace. You (Congress) have come here and written something in your estar. There is no greater example of stupidity than this.

Sitharaman expressed hope that BJP will get full majority in Karnataka. Responding to the issue of rising inflation, Sitharaman told reporters that he and the BJP government want to reduce prices and are making efforts. Criticizing Congress on this issue, he said, Congress has no right to criticize the Center about inflation. Because inflation was increasing continuously even during their rule.

Expressing his opinion on the future direction of Karnataka, he said, Bengaluru and Karnataka have good infrastructure, favorable environment for business and new companies in the future. Farmers are also producing ‘Srianna’ (Mandia).

It is worth noting that Karnataka Rajya Sabha member Sitharaman voted in Jayanagar assembly constituency today.

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