Tirupati Tirumala Cheating Conspiracy Exposed; 41 Fake Website Suspended

Andhra Pradesh : Cyber fraud has not spared even devotees. Police action against 41 fake websites in Andhra Pradesh. All 41 fake websites created in the name of Tirupati Tirumala have been shut down. However, these website pages matched each other. However, these websites are allegedly offering fake tickets to devotees to visit the temple. Devotees make online payment and a confirmation message is also received from the website. A message was being sent from the website to collect the ticket receipt from the temple office. However, after coming to the temple, many devotees complained that it was a fake ticket. The fake website was also selling VIP tickets. However, after repeated complaints, the temple administration informed the police, after which the police took action. The police have got the clue that fraudsters from Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh are behind this cyber fraud. More digging is going on.

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