US Denies Involvement in kremlin Drone Attack – Zelensky Call ICC to Punish Putin

An Israeli-designed missile detection system that would give Ukrainians more time to take shelter from Russian missile attacks is being tested in Kyiv and may be activated within two months, Reuters quoutes Ukraine’s ambassador to Israel as saying.

Israel, which has been honing its own air defences since coming under Iraqi Scud salvoes in the 1991 Gulf war, agreed to share technologies with Ukraine last year even though it held off on meeting Kyiv’s requests for weaponry.

One of those requests had been for the Iron Dome, a short-range interceptor that Israel uses to shoot down rockets fired by Palestinian militants in Gaza.

Mindful of their government’s efforts to maintain good relations with Moscow, Israeli officials have not provided details on the detection system being developed for the Ukrainians.

The ambassador Yevgen Korniychuk said the system, fed with data from Ukrainian radars, is now being tested in the capital. Referring to the air-shelter orders current being issued when under attack, he told Reuters.

Earlier this week, in the Finnish capital Helsinki, Zelenskiy renewed his requests for the west to supply Kyiv with modern fighter jets and added he was “sure we will soon have aircraft”.

Rutte has previously said the Netherlands would consider any kind of military support for Ukraine as long as it would not trigger open conflict between Nato and Russia. He said on Thursday said that discussions on F-16s would “take time” – as did previous discussions on donating Leopard 2 tanks and armoured howitzers.

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