Who able to get BJD ticket from Begunia Constituency of Khordha

Bhubaneswar: Even though the Odisha assembly elections are still away, the politics of the state is getting heated up. However, it is being felt a little more in Begunia constituency. Because there are three heavy weight leaders eyeing to get the BJD ticket. About which BJD workers are not able to get any clear picture.

The current MLA in Begunia is Rajendra Sahu of BJD. After he became MLA twice in Khurda, BJD pushed him to Begunia in the last election. Despite his reluctance, he fought there and won. For the past few months, there have been rumors that he will no longer be a candidate from Begunia and will stand from Khurda.

Seeing such talk, Rajendra made it clear to the workers that he will stand from Begunia. The people of Begunia love him, he has done a lot of work in Begunia constituency. That is why Rajendra announced in a work conference that he will not leave Begunia. Despite such an announcement, doubts cannot be removed from the minds of the workers.

Chilika MLA Prashant Jagaddev, on the other hand, is eyeing the Begunia seat. That seat is his old seat. The fatal attack and arrest of Prashant in Chilika and his expulsion from the party have created a dilemma for him. On the other hand, as the court has barred him from going to the Chilika constituency, he has not been able to do anything yet. Prashant thinks that Begunia is a safe place for him.

According to Prashant Jagaddev’s supporters, he has decided to improve the Begunia organization from June onwards. On the other hand, Pradeep Sahu, who was the Congress candidate from Begunia in the last election, joined the BJD before the last panchayat election. He also has high hopes for Begunia. The workers are in conflict over who will be the candidate of Rajendra, Prashant or Pradeep from Begunia.

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