Zerodha CEO with his father-in-law

Bengaluru,9/5 : Nitin Kamat, the billionaire CEO of Zerodha, has shared a picture on Twitter of his father-in-law Shivaji Patil, who runs a grocery store. In a series of tweets, Kamat has discussed his personality with the picture. He told that when he was struggling, he had asked for his daughter’s hand, then he had asked for a government job.

Nitin Kamat told that he was in the Indian Army and took voluntary retirement after losing his fingers during the Kargil war.

After this he started a grocery shop in Belgaum.

The Zerodha CEO said he is 70 years old but goes to the local market daily on his decades-old scooter to buy groceries for the shop (especially for the disabled). Kamat said that his only support is his mother-in-law, who helps him run the shop and manage the house.

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